Vision on clothing

Nicole wants women to shine and that is exactly what her Tango clothing can do. She takes the whole production itself accounted for: the purchase of materials, designing, making and selling. The fabrics come from Germany and Italy and Nicole makes sure that they come from fair trade.


Her designs make sure that no one, while dancing, has to worry about the clothing. The fabric moves smooth and naturally with the body without shifting.

Her mission is to present women and men as beautiful as possible in clothes that will suit their physique and character. The brand name Jelena stands for: shining light. That is the perception of tango according to Nicole’s mind. Dance brings enlightment and warmth in your heart. And in combination with the right clothes, everything falls into place.


Nicole pays great attention to detail. A slightly wider waistband or shoulder strap can fit your figure better. For her, the length of the skirt is a data element for her to be always tuned very precisely.