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Caring for Lycra Clothing

What is Lycra?

Originally developed as a replacement for rubber, LYCRA®, by DuPont, is remarkable for its ability to stretch many times its original length – and then snap back to its starting size with no loss to its spring.  A touch of Lycra adds comfort and freedom of movement and improving the fit, shape retention, drape and wrinkle resistance of the apparel.
There is really no such thing as a commercially available fabric made entirely of Lycra; it’s never used alone, but is always combined with another fiber (or fibers), both natural and man-made. As little as 2 percent Lycra is enough to improve a woven fabric’s movement, drape, and it’s knack for holding its shape.  Whatever the blend, fabrics enhanced with Lycra keep the look and feel of the majority fiber.

Laundering Lycra

Machine washing and tumble drying are the preferred manner of laundering.
If the other fibers in the garment are machine washable and dryable, this should be the recommended method for cleaning. The heat generated by machine drying will help recover any lost stretch that occurred during the wearing of a garment. Thorough washing, rinsing and drying in machines brings out the best in Lycra.

General Lycra Care Tips

Hand or machine wash in lukewarm water on gentle cycle.
Rinse thoroughly.
Drip dry. If machine dried, use low temperature.
Ironing, if required, should be done rapidly. Do not leave the iron too long in one position. Use low temperatures setting.