Nicole Jeanette

Nicole_jeanettebecause she had often seen women sitting on the side during a milonga, being insecure and having been there herself, Nicole started wondering how she could let women shine. In her experience a confident women is easier asked for a dance. So Nicole started to makes skirts and dresses.

Nicole has found her passion in tango, it has become her live. She organises het iown mothly milonga in Groningen, The Netherlands and organises the yearly tango festival Go North!

Her enthousiasm, will power and love for dance and particular the argentine tango has let to her own line of clothing for both men and women. By now she travels Europe in her camper – equiped with a sawing machine! – to dance, work and sell her clothes.

she feels completlye at home in the tango scene en gets a happy energy out of it. It is that feeling that she wants to pass on and make even stronger through her nice fitting en suplle dance clothing.